Rethink Industries is an entity that works with you to build up your strengths and learn to dominate your weaknesses. This treatment facility is designed to rethink mental health treatment and morph treatment into a stigma free environment. Going to therapy is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give themselves. It creates an opportunity to learn how to follow your heart, heal from your traumas, live a more fulfilled life, and learn to identify and focus on all the things that you are already doing well. Rethink Industries believes that those who seek treatment are the ones who are able to find true happiness in this world, the ones who follow their careers to the top, while managing any addictions or obsessions, and who can maintain work/life balance. The Rethink Shrink wants to show the world that you can have it all, not necessarily all at the same time, but all while being highly ethical, emotionally available, and present in your daily lives.