What Clients Say

“Meeting Allison Davis has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. After years of alcohol abuse, codependency, and a failed marriage I was binge drinking and an emotional train wreck. This started to interfere with my job and most importantly my relationship with my sons.
I needed help. I enrolled in a program through my place of employement to get some help. They sent me for a consultation with Allison. She was knowledgeable, kind, but straight to the point and easy to talk to. I knew that day she was the person I was meant to work with and I enrolled in a 12 week DBT program that day.
I have almost completed the program and can honestly say I have put in my work and Allison has worked just as hard in return. After just a few weeks my relationships with my boys began to feel stronger than ever. Through her counseling and DBT skills, I have started to deal with my emotions and anxiety without picking up a bottle. And as long as I keep using my skills, life will keep getting better. I know in my heart that I am a better, more skillful man, and father because of Allison. Thank you Allison Davis.”

– Caltrans Employee (2017)

“It was a beautiful experience. I am thankful I was able to take part in something that was so trust affirming for my partner and me. I was able to gain some insight into my own behavior as the horse responded skittishly around me. I arrived terrified of horses and left wanting to take Coyote (the equine therapy horse) home with me”.

-Wife and Mother (2017)


“The equine section of the retreat was a very enjoyable experience. Working with and around animals that we don’t normally find ourselves with was powerful. It was good to see my wife grow in comfort around the horses, as she arrived very afraid and uneasy about what was going to unfold. Great exercises in trust and team building, no matter how long you have been together”.

-Husband and Father (2017)

“I felt and overwhelming sense of calm. The horses were so peaceful and it made me really feel at peace in their presence. It was great to see my 12-year-old son take charge and lead in such a positive way. His confidence impressed me. His ability to remain calm even when I could tell he was frustrated about his shoes getting mudding and wet was powerful to see. My 10-year-old daughter never ceases to amaze me. She can articulate her feelings so well at such a young age. She is really connected to her feelings and the feelings of others. It was no surprise to see her interact with the horses the way she did.

The experience reminded me that it’s important to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature. It also reminded me to always be aware of the energy I am putting out into the world. The kids and I had a great time and I’d love to experience this again”.

– Soccermom (2017)


“I learned that you don’t just have to aware of your surroundings but where you are standing. I felt not just happy but something you cannot describe. It was wonderful. It was, “wonsplpy” which is a combination of wonderful, spectacular, and happy. But it was still more than that”.

– Squish (10 years old, 2017)


“I have been seeing Aly Davis now for a few years regularly. I first saw her while receiving treatment for Opioid Dependence. Aly Davis was the first counselor I’ve seen who has actually worked miracles in my own life. I wouldn’t be the clean, determined, free-spirited and lovable person I am today without her. She has helped me with everything from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to teaching me Mindfulness Activities as well as referring me to so many excellent self-help books and resources for my own betterment as an individual. I suffer from depression, BiPolar ll, Panic Disorder as well as the most predominant Borderline Personality Disorder. I have seen close to a hundred different psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, pastors, and counselors in my 29 years. For so long, I thought I would never actually get better. That I would never be understood. Now, when I get to see Aly during our private or group therapy sessions, I am overjoyed to see the progress she has walked alongside and helped me achieve. The peace that I have found in our sessions is priceless. She is definitely one of a kind in her warmth, empathy and compassion. Yet also, she digs up the deep stuff, the uncomfortable and the ugly, only to get you to a better and safer place. I once had recurring Suicidal Ideations and since seeing Aly, I have learned to not act on those feelings, but instead allow myself to feel them and sit with them and allow them to pass, which with her guidance it has proven true. I no longer suffer the way I once did now that I see Aly. I have seen such progress in my own life and can finally see the joy there is in life. From the moment I first walked in to her office, to right now as I write this, I can honestly say I am a different person. I am a better, more gentle, understanding and wise individual. Aly has sincerely and utterly saved my life. One session at a time! I am forever grateful to this amazing woman. I hope that many of you are able to see her and allow her insight to work magic in your lives. She’s a keeper!”

– Glamor (2014)