Rethink Industries has developed a retreat center at Greenhorn Guest Ranch, tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Marathon Therapy was developed at the Gottman Institute and Rethink Industries has adopted this highly researched and effective format and has begun offering retreats for 6 hours a day and for 1-5 consecutive days, while staying overnight at the Greenhorn Guest Ranch in cozy rustic cabins directly on the property. Rethink Retreats are all inclusive for your convenience.

All inclusive:

  • Group and private cabins are available, in addition to an onsite rustic hotel.
  • Three meals a day are included.
  • Parking is onsite.
  • Transportation to and from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport can be arranged upon request.
  • Additional activities include: Dancing, Bonfires, Karaoke, Hiking, Movie Night, Frog Catching, Game Night, Wagon Ride, Softball, and Volleyball.

Horseback riding can be added for an additional fee.