Rethink Education

Rethink Education is about providing the public with access to information, trainings, workshops, and seminars, about a variety of mental health topics. Rethink Industries believes in knowledge as one of its finest tools to enhance and promote wellness.

Trauma Informed Education is a training that was designed to support Plumas Unified School District in Quincy, CA, with tools to create and build better rapport between students and teachers, while giving teachers a foundation and knowledge base to better support students, as they struggle through junior high and high school.

Trauma Informed Education focuses on:

  • Educating teachers how to recognize trauma in teens
  • Create a basic understanding of how trauma affects the brain and development
  • Teaches educators how to stop inducing and prevent the escalation of trauma in students

We can’t change what has happened, we can only focus on how to prevent inducing a new trauma, in relationship to their behavior.

Rethink Industries also provides trainings about Healthy Parenting Techniques, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Family Interventions when involving the relationship of Comorbidity, Introduction into The Gottman Method, in order to support healthy couples, Confidentiality Law and Ethics for MFT’s and Substance Abuse Professionals, and a course on The Art of Self Disclosure.