Often times the individual addicted to substances refers to themselves as dependent and their loved ones call them substance abusers or alcoholics.

Chemical Dependency is when a once enjoyable substance or thing becomes necessary to function normally. This feeling is often attached to the addicts’ obsessive and compulsive behaviors. This chronic feeling will often fill some sort of void or need for the addict, reducing that feeling of shame or guilt, providing temporary relief from grief, frustration, or pain.


Rethink Industries uses the word dependency in order to reduce stigma and to help prevent our addicted loved ones from feeling attacked. Although those who suffer from dependency choose their substance or addiction of choice over having healthy relationships, they often do so from a place of shame, guilt, and feelings of “I’m not enough, I’m unlovable, and I’m not capable”. Those who struggle with addiction and chemical dependency often have other psychiatric, emotional, or environmental challenges. Rethink Industries provides tools through therapy that are crucial for successful RECOVERY.


Rethink Industries works with all types of addiction and dependency issues and is client focused in her treatment approach. Rethink Industries is supportive of abstinence and harm reduction methods, including methadone and buprenorphine treatments.

Chemical Dependency and Family Counseling: Addiction and chemical dependency are family diseases. Rethink Industries believes in family involvement as a best practice. When loved ones are willing to participate and engage in their own counseling or coaching services, everyone benefits. The substance abusing individual in your family likely affects many aspects of your own life. Sometimes that means you are supporting your addict financially or there has been theft and/or dishonesty. In more sever situations, family members may be at risk of losing their job or their health is diminishing because the identified love one requires so much attention and causes so much stress and heartache.


Rethink Industries provides several therapeutic methods that can be used to fit your needs, beginning with a complete Bio-psycho-social evaluation for the addict and family to determine what areas have been harmed by alcohol, chemical dependency, addiction, and/or mental health issues. Then, together a plan will be developed and implemented immediately.