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Rethink Industries was born out of a greater hope of RETHINKING the way mental health and substance abuse was being treated in our county. We saw treatment and service gaps that needed to be filled. With passion, collaborative partners, and creative problem solving we are working diligently to close the gaps. 

What you can Expect from Treatment

Our focus is on identifying underlying trauma and grief in order to best support our participants in changing their negative narratives and undesirable behaviors. Treatment will likely be a mix of emotions. Times may be hard and trying but laughter, occasional foul language, and creative interventions will construct the majority of time spent together. We believe that healing comes from loving yourself, accepting your past, and finding joy.

Who We Work With

Rethink Industries works with people who are willing to work hard, confront their fears, interested in understanding their strengths, willing to earn their right of passage, and those who want to grow and learn with like-minded people. Rethink Industries is willing to work with you no matter how severe your challenge is, as long as you want to do the work. We will help guide you, support you and encourage you, but we will not DO for you.

Who We Are


Our mission is to help people feel more confident in themselves and their lives by removing undesirable thoughts, feelings, people and things out of their life, all while eradicating the social stigma around mental health.



Reduce stigma through a beautiful, powerful, life-changing organization that is flexible, authentic, ever growing, and understanding of our ever-changing world.


We offer a variety of creative and innovative services including TeleHealth, Groups, In Home Interventions, Brainspotting, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Gottman Therapy and more... 

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Rethink Industries

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